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What am I doing on livejournal? TO FANGIRL FOR NEWS!!!! (basically)

Hi! I'm tego_matsushita [Tegoshi + Matsushita = Yuya² (?)] and I've been a NEWS' fan since 2010! My ichiban is Tegoshi, as you can see based on my LJ user hehehe. The reason why I joined Livejournal was to know the updates about my favorite group and the solo activities of its members, because it was very difficult to find something about them back then (Trying to find Sumer Time or Happy Birthday songs were impossible! If you typed "Happy Birthday - NEWS" or "Summer Time - NEWS" on google, it appeared everything, BUT NEWS), it was a very difficult and desmotivating time to be their fan. But I overcame that with the help of so many NEWS' fans all around the world that helps this not so big, but comfy place to be full of love and hope <3 (and be always updated, of course!).

I like other singers as well, but to say I'm part of the fandom (or at least trying)... I'd say there are a few k-pop groups I'm into. Right now, I'm following Uniq, KNK, BTS and Seventeen. But unfortunately kpop can be a very fierce and competitive place, so there is a lot of pressure that don't put me at ease when it comes to be a fan. Of course, there are some positive points, like the higher probability to see your k-pop group show in your country (at least in my country it's not unusual. I live in Brazil, btw). I've already faced reality and I've already been convinced that I'll just see NEWS if I go to Japan. And that's one of my dreams.

But not just because of NEWS. I'm really interested in japanese cultures and extreme orient in general. I hope I can travel there some day!

I really like to talk and listen to different point of views. Don't be afraid of send me a friend request or if you just want to talk <3

Beijinhos~~ (little kisses)

Happy to be their chankapaana hehehe <4



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